Hi I'm Victoria

It's my mission to inspire and illuminate women in business, so they can illuminate the lives of others.

Hi I'm Victoria

It's my mission to inspire and illuminate women in business, so they can illuminate the lives of others.

I believe that we are all here to make an impact and build a legacy, great or small, and I'm just getting started.


I'm going to be honest with you though, I haven't always been this purpose-led, driven and visible, in fact, my journey didn't really start until December 2020 when I had my holy shit moment.  

Back then I had what I had always dreamed of, a 6-figure corporate salary, success, recognition, beautiful pre-lockdown holidays, the lot.

I also worked whilst on holiday, always anxiously hustling to hit the next target. I had the house I wanted, the job I wanted and the salary I wanted.

And every morning...I had to DRAG myself out of bed.

Turns out, it’s exhausting ignoring your true potential and following a path you know deep down you don't love.

Hitting the next target at work?  Hell yes, it felt good but the feeling never lasted long before that familiar knot in my stomach returned and I never stopped long enough to figure out why.

I had everything I was “supposed” to want. I was the friend who talked about living in the moment while anxiously chasing the next thing.


Enter the guilt. How could I want more than this?


How could I possibly feel restless, dissatisfied, like something was missing?

Why wouldn’t that knot in my stomach ever soften, even with all the achievements and trappings of a “successful” life?

Then, on March 23, 2020, the UK announced the first lockdown.

Suddenly I wasn’t travelling for meetings, planning holidays or nights out.  And as the distractions disappeared the cracks in my well-built life began to show.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” - Rumi

It felt like stepping into a void.  I was stripped bare, vulnerable, lost, adrift and curious.





That every single one of us had the same ability to have the freedom, impact, wealth and balance we desire.




Negativity, the blame game, playing the victim or bitching.




I represented my country at Dressage when I was just 13 years old. I have six animals and no matter how much I try to go Vegan I keep eating cheese!




My crystals, angel cards, quiet, views, and being in nature.

Then came the holy shit moment...


One night, I found myself staring up at the sky taking in the stars and the moon and the magic that surrounds them and thought about my corporate career...

“Is this what I am on this planet to do? I'm playing it small. What happened to the hopeful girl who wanted to change the world?”

Everything shifted ever so slightly in that moment.  Looking up at the stars it felt like I was finally awake.  Suddenly, I could see possibilities I hadn’t considered and old beliefs that were holding me back. I knew it was now or never for me to change the trajectory of my whole life.

So I Made A Promise To Myself...

My fears would no longer direct my actions.


The fear of being truly seen and judged for it, the fear of not measuring up, the fear of following my heart only to end in failure all paled in comparison to the fear of being stuck on the hamster wheel I’d created.

I did NOT quit my job the next day.

I didn’t blow up my life, shave my head or get a divorce.

I started by simply getting to know myself again. Under the layers of conditioning, role-playing, outside expectations, I was curious who I’d find at the heart of it all.

Reflection was uncomfortable, messy and necessary. 


I realised I was the only one who had the power to change my life (you have that power too) to reimagine it, to shape it into something that allowed me to return to the hopeful girl ready to use her gifts to serve the world.


I realised that life has always been pointing me in the right direction.  Hindsight is clearer, I know, but that shift in focus showed me how everything is happening FOR us not TO us.


I realised that when you make it through the fears, the “What will people think?”, the “What if I fail?”, the “Who am I to do this anyway?” FREEDOM sits on the other side. (I want that freedom for you too.)

Driven by fear and driven by purpose are two very different things.


One asks you to morph into someone you’re not to fit in.  One demands that you “belong to yourself first and abandon yourself last.” (Brene Brown)

Along the way back to myself I became an NLP Master Practitioner, an IAPC&M Accredited Practitioner Coach and I earned a Master Diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching and Energy Psychology, and went on to quit my corporate job and launch my coaching business in June 2021 whilst just 8 weeks pregnant. 

I grew a very successful coaching practise from zero to six figures in just twelve months and helped impact the lives of so many amazing women in business who in turn are impacting others.

But this isn't where my story ends...


My life changed again with two births in 2022.


The first was to my daughter Harper in early 2022, now I understand unconditional love and my goodness it's overwhelming. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, the first four weeks following her birth were the most challenging in my life. I cried, doubted myself and experienced real sleep deprevation, but once I got past that, everything I had built, the freedom, balance and boundaries paid back dividends. I could parent and work on my terms, and it feels empowering and liberating all at once.

The second 'birth' was to Illumina Coaching Institute which I co-founded in September 2022, with the wonderful Suzie Cuthbertson (my first coach). We train women to become world-class coaches who are going on to illuminate the lives of others. This is the ripple effect at its finest, and I am loving every minute. 


Every day I get to wake up and live my dream day...


Impacting hundreds of women (and I can’t wait to help you design a business and life that lets you live your dream day). 

I can’t explain how amazing it feels to be able to do the work I am meant to do.  This is what I’m here for.  And I’m bloody good at it!

I’ve discovered confidence that isn’t shadowed by doubt and enough self-belief to follow my OWN dreams.

I Am Here To Empower You To Create The Business & Life You Want To Jump Out Of Bed For...


Do you love your business or life? Do you suffer with mind monkeys telling you all the time to stay safe or play it small? 

I listened to them for decades and it nearly stopped me from experiencing true impact, freedom and purpose. 

Don't allow YOU to get in your own way. 

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